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Frontier's dirt shakers are constructed in five sections for a total size of 50' long x 12' wide. The support cross beams are 12" for added strength. The pipes are 8" apart on centers, and 2 7/8" in diameter.

dirt shaker by Frontier Steel Products

Our shakers meet State of Texas requirements.

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Dirt shakers are used on lease roads that go into county, state, federal roads. The purpose of the dirt shaker is to knock the dirt and mud off the trucks before they enter the main highways.

  • 50' long
  • 12' wide
  • 2 7/8" pipe spaced 8" apart on centers
  • Support cross beams every 12"


  • Stabilizers are welded to each pipe at every crossmember section to prevent weld breaks under the twisting motion caused by heavy vehicles.
  • A 4" channel piece is welded under each crossmember for added support to assure beam welds will stay intact under extreme loads.
  • Steel angle strips cover all pipe ends to prevent water, waste and varmits from entering and causing corrosive damage.

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