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Through the years Frontier Steel Products has produced over 750,000 fence braces that have been put to use on farms and ranches across America.


7' H-Brace with 1 Rail

H-braces are used to support T-posts on long stretches of fence to help carry some fence pull. H-braces should be concreted into the ground and spaced 100 to 150 feet apart.

These fence H-braces with one rail are manufactured using new high strength steel 2-3/8" pipe. Each post is 7' tall and has a cap. A strong steel vertical rail is welded to the posts 19 inches from the top of the cap. The 48" wide H-braces are designed for easy loading into the bed of a standard size pickup truck. Each H-brace weighs 65 pounds. H-braces are available either with or without primer or paint, at your request.

height: 7'
width/span: 4'
weight: 65 lbs
pipe diameter: 2-3/8"

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