commercial a/c enclosure

Frontier Steel Products offers two patented commercial air conditioner enclosures. Both are designed as a deterrent to vandalism and thieves targeting your organization's outdoor air conditioner (A/C) compressor units, their freon, and their copper.

our patented air conditioner enclosure for traditional units
our patented air conditioner enclosure for split systems

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two styles

ac enclosure around commercial air conditioner unit

A/C Units

ac enclosure around commercial air conditioner unit
our patent for air conditioner unit enclosure
air conditioner enclosure leg can be cemented or bolted down

For Traditional A/C Units

For the more traditional HVAC system, we provide our patented anti-theft enclosure for protecting the outdoor (A/C) unit. It is made up of an open framework of structural members which surround and protect the A/C unit. Individual steel panels are assembled to form a series of upstanding walls which are covered by a top panel. Together the panels define the quasi-enclosed area surrounding the A/C unit.

The steel panels join with connecting and mating elements which facilitate easy and quick assembly and disassembly. The upright panels have adjustable legs that can be extended and cemented into the ground for added stability and security. A single Master Lock M40XKAD disc lock, with protective shroud, holds and secures the enclosure.

For Split A/C Units

Easy Installation

Enclosure installation is quick and easy due to our designs that feature the absence of bolts and nuts or pins.

 The units have adjustable legs for leveling. The legs can be cemented in the ground for further stability and security.

Service Access

Both of our designs allow for easy access for A/C maintenance and service. 

To open the traditional A/C enclosure, unlock it and slide the panels free. 

To open the split A/C enclosure, unlock it and tilt the hinged section forward.


Our air conditioner enclosures are constructed using 14-gauge square steel tubing joined with high-quality welds. 

The legs are extendable and may be connected to a concrete pad or anchored in the ground with concrete.

Sizes & Colors

Sizes: Our anti-theft A/C enclosures are custom sized to your needs so that they are a perfect fit and provide the best possible protection. 

Colors: All metal is painted with rust-resistant primer and painted grey. Other colors are available by request.

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